How Do I Qualify for Low Rate Car Finance

This is a question we regularly get asked, Understanding your credit record here is very important, as knowing your credit score is vital to understanding what rates you may be given when applying for car finance. We will try and explain about risks when it comes to lending and why a lender may not offer you their best rates. Example 1 - John - Managing Director - Credit Record Score 999, Earns £60,000pa , never missed a payment for credit. John has a perfect credit score, and as long as John is not overloaded with credit and can afford a new loan, John will probably qualify for the bes.....05/11/2019

Can I Part Exchange My Car

We deal with many dealers who will take your car as a part exchange, we will during the buying process have your car valued and provide you with a part exchange value of your car......14/01/2020 12:37:10

I Have Been Refused Finance

If you have been refused finance for a car loan or any other loan, it probably means you have a poor credit record. This is not the end of the road for you as many brokers deal with lenders who are prepared to lend to people who dont have a great credit record. There are some drawbacks however, the rates vary depending on how poor your credit record is.  Take a look at the table below to show.....14/01/2020 13:30:44